The Late Seasons

I decided to work on my children’s book series The Year the seasons come late. The first one, the Year Winter Came Late, I first wrote around 1980 and filed it. I never looked at it until I went back to it the year I retired (2013) . I first published the story on Create Space. Talking to a teacher colleague of mine about looking for someone to critique it she introduced me to my  co-author (editor).

I eventually self-published the Year Winter Came Late through BookLocker. The book has not sold well, but then again, I have not promoted it much either. The second book in the series, The Year Spring  Came Late, is in the draft stage and is just about ready for editorial review. I am going to leave a link to the PDF form for anyone who would like to read it and give me some feedback. I may also put it on Create Space.

The book works well as a read to story to young children, yet can also be read by most 3rd, 4th graders and up.


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