Welcome to My Year 2019

Welcome, I am the new year, baby of father time. I expect I, Year 2019, will have many ups and downs, hopefully with many more ups for you. I know I am excited at the prospects of what I can bring. Keep your eyes and ears peeled good things are coming your way.

Don’t procrastinate though, yes, good things come to those who wait. Patients can be a virtue. However, patients can also be a hindrance. Wait too long and those good things you waited so patiently for, pass you by. So, while time waits for no one, you can take advantage of time by making it work for you.

I should warn you, though, I grow up fast. My life is just twelve months, fifty-two weeks. A lot can be accomplished in 52 weeks. Some of you think a year, 365 days, gives you plenty of time to get what’s needed done. But time has a way of catching up to you and sooner than later you have no time. Whatever project you planned on doing or started, but never finished sit in your head, in your garage, workshop, or wherever you started it. The good thing is as long as you are living and healthy, you have time to complete them.

So, from me to you Happy 2019. I don’t mind if you take advantage of me, in fact, I insist you do. Get those projects done. Visit those friends and relatives you’ve been meaning to see. Write that book you’ve always wanted to write. Remember you just have 8,760 hours or 525,600, minutes or 3,153,600 seconds to get all those projects done.


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