The Puzzling Server

Hillary Clinton sent out another email boasting about her eminent win for the presidency. When one of her staffers told her that she used the wrong server, she said, “How can that be. All the servers serve me.”
Another staffer reminded the former First Lady that that wasn’t the case. He said, “Mrs. Clinton, you must remember, there are two kinds of servers, human servers that serve you by doing your bidding, and computer servers.”
“I know that,” she said, “now go get me an ice tea.”
“If I may, before I get your coffee, Madam Secretary, the computer has two servers. One is what we call the secure server used by the government, used to send and receive top secret information, and the private server you use for personal emails.”
“I know that,” now go get me that ice tea.”.
“But, Mrs. Clinton you sent classified information from your personal computer,” said the staffer.
“Not really, I had it unclassified, sent it and had it reclassified on the other end. So, technically when I sent it, it wasn’t classified material.”
The staffer, looking puzzled said, “I’ll go get your ice tea.


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