Trump; the Saving Grace

Many people believe Donald Trump will be the saving grace for all that ails this nation of ours. He has one message that resounds continuously through the minds of his followers, and that message is; I will make it right for you. The ‘it’ being the way their country was before all the changes took place in the past 30 to 50 years. His followers, and by no means are his followers made up of some far off splinter groups with few people, feel so positive about what Trump promises them, that regardless of any other faults Trump may have, he is forgiven all in hopes his campaign will deliver on his claims to make America great again.

Donald Trump’s behavior frequently and consistently has nearly everyone talking as if he is the last person on earth who should be president, yet unlike a chameleon who changes color to protect itself, Trump has made very few changes in his campaign style or rhetoric to protect himself. What Trump understands is that there is a strong undercurrent of people in this country who believe what is theirs is in jeopardy. These followers believe, regardless of any outlandish words that come out of Trump’s mouth, he is the only person who can deliver on his message.

Donald Trump has the American people right where he wants them, fearing what’s to come. He appeals to racists, bigots, and sexists, and those who want to stop immigration. His tactics, like all bullies and tyrants, is to attack whoever challenges him and deflect any negative comments about him by making negative comments about anyone and everyone who assaults him. His appeal crosses more genres of people than most people would like to believe.

First, Trump appeals to those who still think segregation no matter how you cut it, is equal and fair. These people maintain separate but equal is just. They see no problem in having one school for whites and one school for colored and all other ethnic groups. The interesting fact is that these people come from all ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Second, Trump appeals to those who believe our country has a growing group of individuals who do not reflect their culture or values. These people who look different, represent different values, culture, and traditions will overtake what they have, and as a consequence will lose everything they own.

Third, Trump appeals to those who believe a woman should be submissive to a man. These people think a woman’s place is in the home raising the children, changing diapers, cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking dinner, and doing all the shopping. These people consider it perfectly fine to slap a woman on her buttocks and refer to her as his old lady, bitch, and other not so flattering names just to show who’s in control. And the sad reality is many of these women accept these character identifications as their way of life. In spite of all the negative rhetoric he has campaigned about women, there will always be those women who find him very appealing, as a consequence will vote for him.


Fourth, Trump attracts those who are disgusted with certain people, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders asserting their rights.

Trump’s followers believe marriage is between a man and women, and the Supreme Court’s ruling cannot alter what God has put asunder. They argue the LGBT are an immoral group who should follow the Christian values and stop practicing their way of life, even if he does not adhere to their way of thinking.


Donald Trump knows intuitively, if not outright that he has a gathering of different splinter groups that when joined make a strong following. These groups may be in conflict with each other or be unaware of each other’s stance on certain political issues, yet, support Trump because he is going to make America great again by bringing America around to how it was 30 to 50 years ago.


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