Trumped UP Gaffes

What is worse than having to listen to Donald Trump make a gaffe nearly every day as he parades around the country disguised as republican candidate for the United States presidency? The answer is; listening to his followers who give this clown air time over all other legitimate candidates on all sides of the political spectrum.

Let us take a stroll down the merry Trumped Up Avenue and count the ways the Don (as some of his followers call him) has a made blooper or faux pas. For starters he claims women are objects, and some of these objects are bimbos. Of course he denies making the reference, but it’s on record. He believes all Mexican immigrants are rapists, and he really believes building a wall along the Mexican U.S. border will keep these rapists out. Of course, he conveniently forgets about the other 84,000 rapes by non-Hispanic reported 2014.

He characterizes all blacks as lazy, stating it’s an inherent trait in blacks. So far we have women are bimbos, Mexicans are rapists, and blacks are lazy. Wait, there’s more. Marina Fang in the Huffpost Black Voices found some trumped up statistic showing 81 percent of killing of whites is done by blacks and 97% of killing of blacks is done by blacks in 2015. Fang (Fang, 2015)states the FBI has not made public the 2015 crime statistics, but in 2014 about 82 percent of murders against whites were made by whites.

Unless you live in a cave or just don’t care (and I would not blame you if you did not care) you had to hear about his latest solecism, calling for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” He is still among those who believe Barach Obama’s birth certificate shows the President was born outside the United States and he is a Muslim.  He wants to put surveillance cameras on all Muslim religious buildings, and state we should not allow any Muslim refugees in the U.S. All of his suggestions go against the rights of people as stated in our constitution. The fear he generates is not unlike phonic panic during world war 11, placing Japanese American in internment camps. (Japanese Americans Relocation)

I have not researched all the groups of people he has slandered, but I have a feeling if you are not white, rich, and famous you may be a candidate for Trumped up Gaffes.  He even has it in for reporters Handicap reporters who call him out on his faux pas. When the reporter called him out on his statement about the number of Muslims (1000s) who cheered the attack on the Twin Towers in New York Trump mocked the reporter’s physical disability (video is all over the internet) claiming the reporter does not remember the facts. Just to be clear, all reports of the celebration makes no mention of a 1000 people celebrating the attack on the Twin Towers and most of the media has put out articles stating exactly what was written at the time.

These are just a few of rhea hundreds of comments Trump has made over the years that have been proven to be factually false, erroneous, or so far out that to call them absurd is to give him credit for thinking. So I am going to be the first one to give a name to Trump. I am well aware that I am not a medical doctor and therefore am not legally able to make a diagnosis, however; I can voice my opinion.

Based on what I know about certain mental conditions and what a read about Donald Trump he reminds me of people who suffer paranoia grandeur. He truly believes he is superior to every other human being. He claims he is super smart, has a fantastic memory, although he can’t remember what he said about women, blacks and Mexicans. Who knows, his Intelligent Quotient may be above average. I have not seen his scores.  He claims the media is out to get him. When shown in print, or video or even  audio evidence he claims one of his staffers made the comment, does not remember making the comment, or the media misunderstood him.

Now, all the Trump followers who truly believe he is the best candidate for the Executive office of the United States of America must be in the same group of people who believe money grows on trees, pigs can fly, and elephants (the members of the GOP) will jump when Trump tells them to jump.


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