The Killing of a Corporate Giant

I woke up this morning and saw the flag flying at half-mast. Not so unusual, but the Stars and Stripes flew beneath a new flag called Corporate America. Apparently one of the industries failed because it could not adapt to the changing times.

Ostensibly, Radio Shack succumbed to poor relationship with real people. Warren Shoulberg said in an article in The Robin Report ( Dec. 12, 2013) “It’s a store that has been passed by, with a format, merchandise mix and physical presence that no longer registers with the American consuming public. There just aren’t enough batteries in the world to recharge Radio Shack.”

I learned the new flag recently represented the new Corporate America flew in mourning of  giant in the citizens band radio (CB’s) and selling of drones, a new flying machine capable of delivering packages and spying on your neighbor sunbathing unsuspecting in her pool. Radio Shack, born in the 1920’s passed away due to complications with its physical presents and poor relationships with real people.

With billions of dollars in assets the CEO said the raising of taxes 1% did her in more than any other calamity. “We told the American people she could not survive if they kept up this ruse. They just would not listen,” said an unidentified spokesman for the company.

The company did not disclose how many people lost their jobs, but according to CNN Money Radio Shack employed just over 27,000 people.  The company’s $1.591 billion in assets will be taken over by another major electronics company. Unlike other companies like K-mart and IBM Radio Shack CEO’s will not get a bonus. According to some reports like America’s Market and Motley Fool Radio Shack stocks at last report before its demise sold at about $2.00 a share. “If we are not careful, these so called real people will kill off more of our corporate children. They must learn to adapt to the new Corporate America or they just may end up in the poor house themselves,” said a former employee who wished to remain anonymous.

Visiting the corporate site and in mourning were Exon Oil, Niki, Walmart, Koch Industries, GM, Ford, and a few dozen others. Funeral arrangements have been finalized and the body will be cared for by the electronics giant who took over her assets. “The new America corporate flag will fly at half-mast for 30 days,” said a lady in charge of the Corporate Flag ceremonies.


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